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Frequently asked questions

How I can play on L2Glorydays server?
- For playing on our server please follow steps in play section.

What is the client version?
- Our server/client version is Lineage 2 Glory Days (488).

Where I can find server settings?
- You can find it here on our server info site.

Do you have any server protection?
- Yes! We use Active Anticheat and our own antibot system to fight against unlegit players.

Who is behind the L2GloryDays project?
- We are group of developers and at the same time friends who have huge experiences with playing, developing and maintaining of server.

Why did we choose the Glory Days version?
- As a player we are sorry for where the current version of Lineage 2 just went with his gameplay. We do not like things like automatic farming (autohunt).
Glory Days is a version where newbie or experienced players are both in good state. Gameplay is primarily focused on cooperation of players in instances,
where big clans can fight or even solo players can get there with automatic partymatching system, since we understand, that some players are just gonna chill in the game after their just came home from their job.

What platform does the server is running on? What does this mean for players?
- Server is running on L2OFF platform (official files). For players it means the most authentic experience from the game and they do not need to be afraid of not working features.

Why is there donate for server? Is server Pay to Win?
- Donate is an integral part of the server, because server (especially L2OFF) is very expensive to keep up running (as monthly costs for server are around hundred of dolars).
Even with this we are not gonna let players to get items which normals players would not be able to get. We treat our players same. Donating is not giving you special privilegies.

Can we get some reward, if we will come as bigger clan?
- Of course! You will get all the benefits that come with playing in a bigger group! Unfortunately, you cannot count on our side. This would be unfair against other players and against our ideologies.

Server Status

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